Your access to locally sourced news reports & consultancy services


“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information” – (Winston Churchill)

Phoenix Acumen is a worldwide network of local consultants and experts that administers two key offerings: locally sourced strategic insights & news analysis online as well as global consultancy services to individuals, corporations and organizations. What distinguishes Phoenix Acumen from others is the fact that our consultants and experts are permanently located on the ground.


Phoenix Acumen aims to be the pioneer and most respected provider of locally sourced news delivery, analysis and consultancy services. Our core philosophy is based on the understanding that our clients obtain the most comprehensive picture of business, financial, religious, social and political affairs of a country or region by relying on locally sourced information and analysis.

Knowing that such consultancy services are still firmly rooted and most prevalent in Europe and North America, Phoenix Acumen also aims to act as a pioneer by transferring the same services and its benefits to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.


By providing locally sourced analysis and consultancy Phoenix Acumen seeks to enable its clients to exploit business opportunities while successfully managing their risks. This puts our consumers always one step ahead of their competitors.

Through direct access to our network of resident consultants we provide our consumers with an understanding of local, regional and international developments. In this way, we empower our clients to base their decisions on actionable, timely and the most up-to-date intelligence reports regarding key factors that could impact on their corporate objectives. As such, our clients are well aware of potential business opportunities and risks of challenging regions with lucrative markets and industries before making strategic decisions.

The Phoenix Difference

  • Analysis and consultancy services are locally sourced
  • Local consultants and experts are permanently based on the ground
  • Unparalleled local expertise on the world’s most complex challenges
  • A multilingual network of consultants with a multitude of professional backgrounds in politics, business, security, journalism and NGOs
  • Independent, without any political agenda or national bias
  • Consultancy projects are tailor-made and based on our clients’ needs